Medussa antiques
Medussa antiek
Medussa antiques
Medussa antiek
Medussa antiques
Medussa antiques
Medussa antiques
Medussa antiek
Medussa antiek


A stone dream world

Welcome to our new website. For the moment there are fewer photos then on our old website. We do our best to add extra items every day. So make sure you visit our site every week!

Historical antique materials and collectibles

New arrivals

Old paneling for sale

old wall paneling for sale Medussa:1765
Antique panneling for sale; 7 straight panels : 55 cm + 54 cm + 120 cm + 120 cm + 128 cm + 170 cm + 170 cm long 4 curved panels: 60 cm + 60 cm + 60 cm + 60 cm In total : +/- 10,5 meters of panneling...

Chairs for sale

old chairs for sale Medussa:1762
Chairs for sale

2 wooden ornaments

old wooden ornaments for sale Medussa:1761
2 wooden ornaments for sale 2 corners in wood
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About Medussa

Medussa specializes in old building materials, antiques and curiosities.

You can find Medussa in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium.

Be sure to visit us!

Our stock

Medussa has a very wide range of materials for sale. You can come and view all these materials in our showrooms and show garden in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium.

We of course always try to place a large number of materials that we have for sale on our website. But this only catches a few of our large offer.

View the materials currently online via this link:


At Medussa you can not only buy materials.
You can also RENT most materials.
For example for your event, party or decor.

Latest news

Big news

Dear customers, We have big news. Very recently, things have changed at Medussa. All materials on the outside area (= on the other side of the street, so not on the side of the office) were just sold...

Social Media

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Sell to us

Medussa also buys materials.
Both from private individuals and traders.
Do you have materials that you wish to sell?


Medussa has both indoor showrooms and a large outdoor area that serves as a show garden.

Be welcome to visit us without obligation and walk around among our materials!